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Favorite Places
Squamish, Costa Rica, Rooster Rock, Key Biscayne, Floras Lake
Other Places I've Kited
Hood River, Rufus, Holbox-Mexico, Puerto Vallarta-Mexico, Jones Beach, Sauvie Island, Bay Area
Rock Climbing
Favorite Places
Cayman Brac (pics & article), Smith Rock, Potrero Chico, The Dungeon, American Fork, Wild Iris
Other Places I've Climbed
Owens River Gorge, Pinnacles, The Grotto, Boulder Canyon, Independence Pass, Clark Canyon, Leavenworth, White Rock, Broughtan's, Ozone, Carver, Donner Summit, J Tree, Madrone, Sinks Canyon, Lovers Leap, Bon Echo, San Luis Obispo, San Diego, Shawangunks, Rio de Janiero, El Rito
Art by Sheila Lawton
I enjoy showing my sister's artwork.

Creative Writing
See Writing Page

Coaching Soccer
See Soccer Page

Urban Planning

Road & Mountain Biking
Best Rides Ever
Seattle to San Francisco, San Francisco to Monterey, Hetch Hetchy to Tioga Pass, LA to Mono Lake, The Headlands at 6AM, Stinson Beach to Bolinas, Haleakala Volcano, 5AM commute from San Francisco to Palo Alto

Salvador-Brazil, South Africa - World Cup & Safari, Israel, Canary Islands, South Beach, Angel Falls, Holbox-Mexico, Iguazu Falls-Brazil, Bariloche-Argentina, Cuba - watch the slideshow (good music)...

Reading Non Fiction
Outliers, The Code Book, Envisioning Information, The Post American World, Fermat's Enigma, Suburban Nation, Euclid's Thirteen Book of Elements, Heidegger's Basic Problems of Phenomenology, Nietzsche's Beyond Good & Evil, Plato's The Meno, Wired Magazin

Watching Documentaries
Touching The Void, Four Days in September, Riding Giants, Mugabe & The White African, Between The Folds, First Ascent, Promises, Black To The Promise Land, One Day in September, Operation Thunderbolt, Freakonomics, Rescue, Dawn Wall

Volunteer Work
Spanish Translator at a Free Medical Clinic, Voluteer Translator on Medical MIssion to Guatemala, Tutoring Kids of Migrant Farmworkers, Delivering Food To Seniors, Jewish Family Services Advisory Board, Write Around Portland, Blanchet House, Family House, Treasurer Pnai Or Synagogue, Former Board Member Urban School of San Francisco, I was the co-producer for the following fundraising video...

Very late in life, I've started taking singing and piano lessons.

Solving Math & Physics Problems
Problems Solved By Me
Proving definitions of e identical
Hexagon Problem
Vector Problem
Three Relationships of Pascal's Triangle
Monty Hall Problem
Why is there only one height for a geosynchronous orbit?
Where does the doubling time rule of thumb (for exponential growth) come from?
Why does a soccer player get more "power" when kicking a ball that is already moving toward her?
Toothpick problem in 1 dimension
Toothpick problem in 2 dimensions
Probability of exactly one pair in a poker hand
How a wheel works
Terminal velocity described conceptually
Series and parallel circuits and rock climbing
Why does your wallet slide across the dash when going around a corner?
Squaring numbers that are multiples of 5
Sheep in a corner
Stopping algorithm for gambling
Two Kids (one is a girl)
Birthday problem
Balancing a pole
What is an orbit?
Combinations & Permutations

Problems Solved By Others Explained By Me
The Wife Problem
Bee flying back and forth problem
Twelve coins
How do we know that there is no largest prime number?
Why does a car tilt when going around a corner?
Disks rolling down a hill
Why do you get the stuck in your seat feeling when making a constant altitude turn in a small airplane?
Tunnel in a sphere
Where does the rule of thumb for automobile payments come from?
Locker problem
Figuring out what hat you have
Stadium hat problem
Fuse problem

Problems Yet To Be Solved
Diffraction through a slit analogy (???)
Divisibility by three
Toothpick problem in 3 dimensions
How does the classical description of MRI match the Quantum Mechanical description?
Pyramid problem
Sum of odd numbers
Sum of even numbers
Why is the sum of the numbers in any row of Pascal's Triangle double the previous row?
Predicting the number of buses in a city
Shirt problem