Even though I don't care for the expression... People tell me that I move and think Outside-The-Box. Examples follow.

Future Studies
I was awarded a fellowship to investigate two questions:
"What is Future Studies?" and "Can we develop a high-school based on the Future?"
I traveled to MIT's Media Lab, The New Yorker Conference, and The World Future Society to conduct my research. It culminated in presentations to the Catlin Gabel School, the Oregon Council of Humanities, and the Metropolitan Learning Center. Listen to me interviewed on the radio.

Mental Illness
My sister and I gave a compelling presentation: "Mental Illness - One Family's Story."

I've taken students on dozens of trips including Canada, Brazil, & Cuba and I've been to just about every country in Latin America...

Not Your Usual Education
Masters in Data Visualization - Pompeu Fabra University, Spain
Masters in Electrical Engineering - UC, Berkeley
Masters in Humanities - St John's College, Great Books Program
MBA (half completed) - SUNY Buffalo
BS Engineering - Syracuse University
BS Television Production - Syracuse University

I've Written A Novel
"The Radicalization of Reuben Schwartz"

I was put in jail (temporarily) for walking in the wrong neighborhood in Venezuela.

I'm trained in leading guided visualization / hypnosis to individuals and sports teams.

Back To High School
I spent a week experiencing the life of a high school student. I took all the classes, did the homework, studied for tests, and went to sports practice. It was exhausting, humbling, and ultimately made me a better teacher.

City At Night
I once taught a three-day course called: Portland - The City At Night. We stayed out all night studying city services such as firefighters, police, emergency rooms, newspaper printing, television stations, and homeless shelters.

Oral History
Both my parents and their extended families fled Nazi persecution in Europe. I documented their stories on video.

I lived in these two shipping containers which were converted into an apartment. Actually, it was quite nice when completed. (Lots of windows and even hardwood floors.)

I jumped out of airplane five times. (Well, the first time, I had to be nudged a bit.)

What's Wrong With Soccer
Even though I've spent much of my life playing and coaching soccer, I was interviewed on the radio about what is wrong with soccer in America.

Road Trip Nation
I was interviewed by the students in this great program...
The Roadtrip Nation Experience at Big Ideas Fest 2011

I'm one of the best nappers in the world. Top one-percent, for sure. I can nap on-demand, fully energized after seven minutes, and without an alarm clock.

I've Lived On A Ship
Docked right in downtown San Francisco, I lived on a ferry ship converted to rustic communal quarters.

I've Written A ScreenPlay For A Feature