I'm a writer - creative, narrative non-fiction, techical, academic

Phase Encoded Rapid Multiple Echo Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Leibniz, Heisenberg, & Einstein - A likely account of Quantum Mechanics
Shape Shifting the Foul Fiend in Shakespeare's King Lear
Reciprocal Spaces - Otherness, Knowledge & Implications in Plato's Theatetus, Sophist, & the Statesman
Elucidation of Time & Temporality in Heidegger's Basic Problems of Phenomenology
Aristotle Rides The Bus, Putting the Nicomachean Ethics to use
Understanding Lobachevski, Not quite to infinity and not quite beyond
Finding God by removing myself from myself, An essay on Aristotle's Metaphysics
Peanut Butter, Circles, & the Daisein, An investigation into the basis of Euclid’s Elements
Doubting Original Thought, An Essay on Descartes' Meditations
"Attention shoppers, on sale now, in aisle 4, a more perfect union," Constitutional Foundations for Consumerism

The Radicalization of Reuben Schwartz

Feature Length Screenplay

Narraitive Non-Fiction
From Man-Cave to Man-Nest,
Making Meaning in the Lives of Men

Short Stories
Heaven? Can't Wait, Published in Phantasmacore
Hey Frankie, Shalom
Job Fair
Pork Chop Night
Outside of Mercy

Grant Applications
United States Soccer Foundation
Proposal to I Have A Dream Foundation
Timbers - Letter of Inquiry
Nike Foundation

Updates from the Senior Center

Wrote dozens of technical proposals and reports as a software consultant.

Deck Repair
John Kerry - The Wait
Road Trip
My $17,000 Harem
Surgery - The Recovery
The Pit
The Ugly Canadian
Pura Vida

Olodum (wild night in Brazil, 2010, World Cup)
We Are (in honor of parents on 155th birthday)
Cabin Pressure, Published in Poor Mojo's Almanac and Laughing Loaf

Spitting After Abu Ghraib